Interior Design Software Integration with eCommerce Websites

Interior Design Software Integration with eCommerce Websites

Interior Design Software Integration with eCommerce Websites. Many cabinet and furniture retailers who are selling online are starting to look more interested in already made solutions, more exactly software that provides the ability to integrate a 3D interior planner into an eCommerce platform that they already use.

Levels of Integration

Most of retailers are already using known e-commerce platforms and they just simply need a sort of integration. They would not want to change to a different solution, they would prefer a sort of plug-in option or an API gateway that would help them to introduce in their web shop a 3D interior design application. Of course integration could come in many forms and is hard to completely standardize the entire implementation process and probably it would be better if it’s distributed through an API and retailers could customize it per their needs based on some already standardized features.

Lowering the Development Costs

This way you can significantly reduce costs instead of replacing entirely the solution with a new dedicated one. After a more close analysis, seems that most software companies are making these integration very complicated and expensive. Basically is not integration is rather they provide a full eCommerce solution for your business niche (in our case the K&B market or anything related that an interior planner would help engage customers) and then they charge you an enormous amount of money for various customized features.

Plug-in Type Of Integration

Innoplanner solution is by having plug-ins for known eCommerce platforms such as: Magento, WooCommerce, Opencart, PrestaShop, etc. Most of the competitors they didn’t do integration rather they built everything from scratch and they charge a fortune and we suspect they are not very effective in comparison with the known e-commerce platforms. Why we would build a Cart from scratch when there are already out there very powerful eCommerce solutions built and we just connect with them through plug-ins?

More faster, more affordable and more advanced approach plus most of the retailers already are using such standardized platforms and they are not willing to invest again in other Carts for their web shops.

If you want to find out more, you can visit the Innoplanner website and use the contact details for getting in touch with us. Our team is happy to answer any questions and discuss various options you might be interested in.