Innoplanner in the Manufacturer & Retailer Business Relationship

Innoplanner in the Manufacturer & Retailer Business Relationship

Innoplanner in the Manufacturer & Retailer Business Relationship. Innoplanner has been design to make interior design more flexible and affordable for both retailers and importantly the manufacturer.  Retailers have a number of solutions, both good and bad, Manufacturers have roughly the same style of costly solution whereever they go. Innoplanner recognised the need for a more dynamic, flexible and productive way for manufacturer’s catalogs.

Innoplanner’s manufacturing module has been designed from the ground up to use the latest technology to provide powerful advantages at a realistic cost.

Living in an age of hand-held devices and a powerful internet Innoplanner provides great advantages to the interior design industry.

Catalogue Content Management System for Manufacturers

One of the many advantages that Innoplanner provides is the Manufacturer Module. The Manufacturer Panel is a Catalogue Content Management System (CCMS)  for any sort of cabinetry, accessories, appliances, sanitaryware, i.e. products manufactured.  

In simple terms manufacturers can manage their own product catalogs and can include any of the following:

  • Pricing
  • SKUs
  • Stock Levels
  • Discounts
  • Descriptions and detail
  • 3D models
  • Dealer networks
  • Ordering

…and many more functions.

For the first time, manufacturers have control, they can easily update real-time, any time they want, their product catalogs together with all the product’s relevent information without being totally dependent on the third party software provider. Also, there are interfaces to  connect their data with ERP software such as SAP and others.

The Most Up-to-Date Catalog Database in the market

Manufacturers always require up to date catalogues including all the product detail. They have a whole supply and sales chain dependent on them, from retailers to customers and installers.

Quotes, plans, designs and notes need to have the latest information to be able to sell the latest or promotional models, for pricing accuracy and to improve the sales cycle. You can show, sell and quote with the latest information.

Your Retailers and Designers will no longer have to wait for delayed catalogues, work with out of date models and spend selling hours download catalogue updates and patches at a frequent interval.

With InnoPlanner, both manufacturers and retailers enjoy a huge advantage. the most up to date content – increasing sales accuracy and efficency for all concerned parties.

Easy Access for your Retailers/Dealers

Retailers have a problem with the constant flow of updates that required frequent downloading updates and patches? Having to check for, or wait for the latest version and detail? From product numbers, to description to even shape? This added cost is hidden overhead and delay factors in getting your products to market. 
Innoplanner moved the entire design and ordering process online. Access the interior design software from any internet browser or device.

The best thing about Innoplanner is that the software is not limited to one device and you can access your account wherever you may be. The account works on a monthly or yearly subscription, without the hassle of  licenses, USB keys, etc.

Big Data and eCommerce Projects – the Open Information and API

Once you have a rich content centralised database with your manufacturer catalogs, the possibilities are unlimited. This data is available for a wide range of uses including user/lead generation, showroom presentations, feed into eCommerce websites and ERP systems.  

Developers can manipulate and use the information within the database for even greater  efficiency using radily available tools such as APIs for developers.

Manufacturers Innoplanner Opportunity

Innoplanner is looking for interested manufacturers to join and use the first version of the released system.  This is a great time to work with Innoplanner and with no external costs to yourself be seen by the Innoplanner retailers.  

To sign up for a CCMS account please follow this link.