Meet InnoPlanner the New Industry Standard

Meet InnoPlanner the New Industry Standard

Everyone in the interior design industry especially in the kitchen & bath market understands the importance of having a 3D rendering to show the homeowner. A 3D rendering is a powerful sales tool that allows the homeowner to see what their new interior design is going to look like. For a small company a 3D rendering makes them look more professional and gives them a tool to be able to compete with the big box hardware stores. If it generate designs along with quotations even better.

InnoPlanner is a drag-n-drop professional 3D interior design web service and is built to simplify the process of cabinetry manufacturers to publish a catalog and share it to their dealer networks faster and more affordable through a fully modern cloud-based system that can be accessed from everywhere, anytime.

InnoPlanner is not a desktop version, doesn’t require installation and the main access point is through an URL terminal. Is the alternative to the desktop kitchen and bath design software’s on the market today that cost thousands of dollars to purchase and hundreds per year in added fees. Because InnoPlanner runs entirely on a cloud system, it doesn’t require a lot of processing power to operate as it uses mostly the server resources. The entire data is stored online which makes ideal for franchised or dealer-based operations with large number of representatives. Retailers can create 3D designs, access manufacturer catalogs and issue orders using any device that has internet access including tablets. For manufacturers we provide a Content Management System to upload/publish and manage their catalogs along with the required documentation and support. Not only this, Innoplanner can integrate most of the ERP/CRM systems found on most manufacturers for a complete linking with their internal operations. The app can be also be used for other purposes other than cabinetry, like home renovation, real estate promoting, shelf planning and many other.


Instead of spending thousands per year in upfront cost our dealer has the option of a month to month subscription or annual subscription, a fraction of the cost of the desktop software. Because the entire system is hosted in a server, we manage to significantly lower the expenses on maintenance that reflects in the subscription fee.

The interior design software is developed by Digital Artflow. Currently we are seeking business and catalog partnerships to distribute our solution wordwide.