(Case-Study) InnoPlanner 3D Kitchen Planner for kitchens2go.ro

(Case-Study) InnoPlanner 3D Kitchen Planner for kitchens2go.ro

Today’s technology can turn the purchase of a kitchen into a much more comfortable and cheaper process. Moreover, buying a kitchen through an online store and using a 3d kitchen planner can be more transparent. This is possible by allowing customers to control their budget by viewing multiple options with just a few clicks.

The Benefits of a 3D Kitchen Planner Embedded in a Website 

Through the Kitchens2Go.ro website, ordering a kitchen become more interactive, offering the opportunity to explore a wide range of kitchen options online by using the 3d kitchen planner.

There is no showroom just to eliminate some costs that would inevitably break into the final price of the kitchen. Alternatively, can offer the ability to order samples online. Any time you can order front door or worktop samples from the catalog at 3 lei/piece.

Potential customers will need to measure the space where the kitchen will be located. They will need to note: the position of the sockets, windows, doors, the position of the water / drain connection, the place where the extractor/chimney hole will be, etc.

About the WooCommerce Website and Use of the 3D Kitchen Planner

The site is well structured and begins with the cabinet section. The site allows you to select the favorite cabinet range using a set of filters to list a particular model of a kitchen cabinets. Website filters by: color, category of cabinets or by elements. The system is designed to give the freedom to design your own kitchen within minutes, estimating the price instantly. You can make corrections at any time to view multiple versions and fit into a specific budget.

The following sections found in the website are: Handles, Worktops, Kitchen Sets and Accessories.

You can ask at any time for Kitchens2Go staff to take care of all the steps necessary to buy the kitchen. Assuming the entire procurement cycle: consultancy, measurement, transport, handling and assembly services.

Do not forget about the online 3D kitchen planner that can help customers reproduce the desired kitchen, while also giving a price estimate. The online kitchen planner is very useful, especially for designers who want to generate a project together with a quotation in a few minutes.

Ordering Policy

It is important to know that in any order created in the website, no payment is completed until the order is reviewed by a Kitchens2Go consultant in order to make sure that you have ordered the right thing.

Do not forget about return policy. It’s okay for customers to change their mind. In this case, customers will receive the entire amount paid for the product. Returning only a part of the amount for the returned parcels if the entire order has not been returned.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.